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Who we are?China HUAMEI Plastic Mould Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that integrates the production of the plastic product and the manufacture of the mould together. The affiliated plastic-product factory and mould-processing center occupies an area of about 20 thousand square meters. It is one of powerful and sizeable enterprise  in local plastic-mould industry.

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Two Layers Lunch BoxLUNCH BOXGlass Water BottleFood Storage BoxSieveMultifunctional BasinDustbinBasinICE TrayGlass Container
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During the process of continuous growth and development,Homio Daily- used Articles has already melt themselves into the daily life of eachfamily; try its best to enable the function and practicality of the product to meet the real requirement of the consumers and be suitable to thedaily life of the consumers. At the same time, under the circumstance of ensuring product quality, it transfers some of its profit to theconsumers, provides the excellent and practical products, and also the relaxed and over-valued purchase experience to the consumers.
Currently, HOMIO its products involves many series, such as Lunch Box, Airtight, Water Cup, Series collection order&easy, Clean fresh life, King Kong.Number of well-known brands to the domestic and foreign supermarkets, such as wal-mart, carrefour,  etc., has the good market sales.              

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